Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Here's a couple of pictures. It's been awhile, but she smiles so much lately, and I think we are over doing it on the smiling pictures. But, she really doesn't have that many other expressions. She rarely cries unless she is really late for a feeding. She is beginning to learn how to make sounds, and sometimes she gets so intense as she tries to make sounds. It's so cute, and seems like she really is trying to tell us something. Of course, she's probably just telling us to quit taking so many pictures.

It seems like a lot of pictures are in this seat, but she really likes it. We put it facing us on the couch. Plus, it shakes and that makes her happy too.

Posed picture to show off her thighs. Blame mommy for this one.

Standing up. She's getting tougher in the legs. I'm sure she'll be walking soon. :)

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