Monday, August 27, 2007

Bath Time

Natasha is still just as cute as ever. She is lots of fun. She is still trying to produce some teeth. She has a couple just hovering below the surface that seem to be giving her some pain. It means she isn't sleeping quite like the angel we are used to.

Tasha enjoys bathtime and just loves her rubber duckie.

More fun in the tub.

Water running down her face. Most people close their eyes when water is poured over their heads; but not Natasha!

Cuddling with Daddy.


Lacey said...

That is awesome that she is so good in the tub...Malcolm is a total spaz...he just gets so excited. I swear he is going to drown himself.

Milena said...

Hey Brian! She is cute as can be man, she is growing so fast, well I guess they all do :0) We are getting excited for our trip to Germany, any cool ideas to help us there? What do we must see in Berlim? Well have a good day and say hi to Alyson for me! :0)
Danke, Milena
(I learned just thank you, please, hi and bye in german! :0)hahah