Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bronco, Walking and Teeth, err Tooth.

Tasha walks all around now, and is starting to get teeth which makes her a little bit cranky. So, here's some pictures because we finally had a chance to relax while not chasing her.

Checking out her fancy birthday cake.

For some reason, Tasha and her cousin Bronco both pulled a goofy face at the same time.

A comparison picture for how they normally both look.

Just a really cute picture!

A tooth! A tooth! My kingdom for a tooth. Look really close and you can see the bottom tooth just barely showing through. Yes, we are excited, mostly because they are bothering her and we hate to see her grumpy and hurting.


Milena said...

Hey guys!

I can't believe your baby is one...I will have fun getting to know her! Cute cake Alyson! I wish I could make cute cakes for my kids...I can't wait to see you guys in three weeks! :0)

dragonb said...

In case you are wondering, my sister Heidi made the cake, so direct all compliments to her. :)