Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beach and fun at Grandpa's

The cutest picture on a small person's bench on Grandpa's porch.

Tasha was a little tentative about the water at the beach.

But, she did consent to touch it with her hands, but not her feet.

Playing dress up with Grandpa and Grandma

An interesting look

Tasha's attempt at an outfit befitting her superhero status.


Milena said...

Hi guys! How are you? I didn't know you guys were in RI, that must be so fun...I wanted to say how cute Natasha is, she is getting so big! I miss you guys and hope everything is weel with you guys, I am traying to learn how to be a mom of three now, Isaac is the cutest thing and he is doing really well! I love seing pictures of your family, keep coming! :0) Love,

Susan said...

I love the pics of Alyson and Tasha on the beach. Very cute!