Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I had to take a quick overnight trip for business. I missed my little sweetie tons. The joke is that I would sleep better without the nightly interruptions, but on the contrary I slept much worse. I was lonely without my girls. It's continually amazing how much the little bundle has changed our lives and brought so much joy.

Having children is such an interesting experience. It's very overwhelming. Overwhelming joy
and excitement for a little one, and overwhelming responsibility of raising and teaching the little one. What's been great is that everyone is so excited for us. Most people have kids of their own, and what we are going through is old hat for them, and yet they are still so excited for us. I realized that it gives everyone the chance to remember the emotions they first had as they watch us experience them for the first time.
Everyone has been so supportive. Our parents have spoiled us and many friends have helped out in many different ways. It's impossible to thank them all, but this week Alyson had a good friend Norma come by. She found out the things we were still missing and brought us an armload of gifts. We were very grateful and it was a big help. Many others have helped us so much and we are just brimming with gratitude.
Thanks All.
more pictures to come, once I get home.

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