Thursday, December 21, 2006

RI Grandpa

Well, Natasha did fairly well on her first plane ride, although we had a seat free for the car seat, and she slept for half of the five hour flight. The second flight wasn't so good, but that was mostly Delta and JFK airport's fault. They never announced our flight and she was starving. We asked and were told they weren't boarding yet, but asked 15 minutes later, and found out it was almost ready to take off, and there were hundreds of people crowded around one gate that had 5 or 6 simultaneous flights leaving from it. And of course Delta didn't get our luggage on board, but it got delivered the next day.
So, we did arrive safely and tired in Rhode Island. Natasha is much loved by all her family, but now is being doted on by her family from the east.

Hanging out with Grandpa Demars in Rhode Island.

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