Thursday, June 28, 2007

We're still here

We've started to fall into a routine now. Natasha sleeps and eats fairly regularly now, and we tend to forget to take as many pictures of her. I think because we are getting used to how sweet and cute she is, and are starting to take it for granted. Well, No More! Here's to all the babies crying in church! Here's to all the parents that show up for work with blood shot eyes! Here's to the sweetest baby in the world. :)

Now for the pictures...

Smiling happy baby.

Not sure what pose the camera caught. We think it's the baby robot.

There's a story to this picture. You see that little stuffed animal, well, it's a cow puppet. It's a very advanced puppet that has a little voice box in its mouth. The puppeteer can squeeze down and make the cow moo. Natasha has no problem with the cow. But, when the cow moos she gets a little scared as seen in the picture. Thankfully she cheers up quickly, when the cow isn't mooing that is.

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