Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fun Kid

Natasha is slowly but surely growing up. She takes much more interest in her surroundings than she used to and is curious about everything. Mostly she is curious about how it tastes and puts everything in her mouth, but I guess that is normal.

Chilling in the grass. She can sit up very nicely now.

Look! Daddy did my hair!

Trying to bend the spoon Matrix-style.


Jimbo said...

Nice baby-food face! I don't think our Jackie ever had one that good. (Oh, and I love your bow-tie on your father's day post)

dragonb said...

thanks Jim, not usually a bow tie person, but it worked!

Lacey said...

So cute! Malcolm is working on his sitting up...still falls over really quickly so I have to sit right by him. I can't wait till we have some grass so we can sit outside...I'm jealous!